We honor Avanti High School, Olympia, WA! Avanti held a Media Literacy Symposium with multiple speakers throughout their daylong event. Di Zhang, AME board member, served as one of the presenters.


AME is very proud that Washington State has been a model for the nation with the legislation it has been able to pass since 2016. Meet Senator Marko Liias, our media literacy champion, who continues to encourage Washington’s legislators to support media literacy education.


Teens have several thoughts and ideas to share with us when talking about the importance of becoming media literate. All of the posters here were created by students of Michael Danielson, AME’s Chair, at Seattle Preparatory School.


School district teams of teachers and teacher-librarians across Washington have been creating new media literacy curricula. Here’s an example of a nutrition curriculum that was created by an elementary school team from Kent School District. Shawn Sheller, AME’s Vice Chair, was the team’s lead for this project. You can find the curriculum on Washington’s Open Educational Resources at ………………………..(we’ll give you the link later)