PIXI Awards

2004 PIXI AwardsThe PIXI Award was created by AME for the special purpose of honoring positive quality of program content. The PIXI is named for the Pixel, the smallest component of the picture and its magical connection to the child, the smallest element of the audience.

From the very beginning the PIXI has generated considerable interest and support. At the first PIXI award ceremony held in May of 1993, AME honored Action for Children’s Television founder Peggy Charren with a lifetime achievement award. Charren, called by a Seattle reporter “the godmother of TV activism”(Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 27, 1993) stressed the importance of media education and the PIXI award saying “one reason I wanted to come so badly is because I want everyone to know how important this is. Everyone is taking this group (AME) very seriously.”

Speaking about the PIXI awards, Patrick Scott, former President and CEO of KOMO-TV, the Seattle ABC affiliate, noted that “these awards demonstrating community support are extremely important to television professionals. While the stations often hear about all the things that people don’t like in their programming, they rarely hear anything about that programming the public enjoys.”

The various PIXI award categories were designed to honor positive content:

  • Curiosity and Learning
  • Wellness
  • Global Awareness
  • Adolescent Attitudes
  • Cultural Celebration
  • Family Interaction
  • Preschool
  • New News
  • PSA’s and Interstitials

Click here for the winners of the final iteration of the PIXI Awards, held in 2004.