Call to Action: We Need Your Help!

 Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Ambassadors Program

Hello friends,

Washington’s Legislature is now in session and we’re very happy to announce that we have another media literacy opportunity. Please contact your district legislators and ask them to “support the budget proviso that would create the Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Ambassadors Program with the $300,000 that is requested.”  

Here is a link to use to contact your legislators —

The language included in the proviso states:

You can also use the hotline (800-562-6000)

These added funds would help build on the groundbreaking work of integrating Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship instruction into classes that is currently underway thanks to the HB 1365-funded grant program.  The initial funding this proviso makes possible would go toward a one-year pilot project to establish a Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Ambassador Program that would then continue as an on-going program that would cost a similar yearly amount. The funds would go towards training and networking events for teachers and teacher-librarians. Educators would be able to go to these events and receive clock hours. This would lead to the development of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) that would support those selected as Media Literacy Ambassadors in bringing new knowledge and skills back to their districts. 

“We’re celebrating a provision in HB1365 which specifies that this legislation will remain in effect for 10 years, until July 31, 2031!”

By Marilyn A. Cohen, Ph.D.
Director, NW Center for Media Literacy