The blind gamer playing ‘Street Fighter 5’ at a pro level

svenSven van Wege, known online as @BlindwarriorSven, went blind at age six.

Still, he’s been playing Street Fighter V at a professional level for the past year. He’s already won games at tournaments in Spain, Italy, and Germany. Though he hasn’t made it past the group phase in any of them, his level of playing is comparable to that of a gamer who can see.

Sven has a big dream: He wants to make a living playing games. To compete in new tournaments, he’s started a crowdfunding campaign. In three months time, he raised almost 440€. It’s enough for a few plane tickets, but not enough for this weekend’s biggest tournament for fighter games: EVO 2017, where 2,600 people will compete and the winner will take home $50,000.

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Image courtesy of Motherboard.