Play the literal Trump card: Fake news is now a card game, and a business

license 2 playLicense 2 Play, a wholesale toys distributor, mostly sells kids’ toys. Products like “Beanie Boo’s” and “Betty Spaghetti” cover its site, and it works with brands like Tangled and Play-Doh. But the company recently took a gamble on a new sort of product, a card game called: “Fake News/Real News: The game of Fake News and Alternative Facts,” and so far, it’s been a winning bet, with an ultimately charming product and the potential for follow-up editions.

The rules are simple. Each player gets a turn to read a from a set of quotes that have been uttered by President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Ben Carson, Sean Spicer or Mike Pence. The twist: the quote might also be deceptive “fake news.” Each player guesses who they think said the quote, or if it’s fake news, and if they’re right, win a point. The person who reaches 11 points first wins.

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Image courtesy of Forbes.