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AME and members in King 5 news

A recent King 5 article highlights how our recent statewide leglislation on media literacy sets a national precedent:

Washington lawmakers recently approved new digital citizenship legislation that’s among the first of its kind in the country.

The bill focuses on a new problem in the digital age: teaching kids what constitutes appropriate and responsible use of technology.  That includes knowing what to post on social media as well as how to protect yourself online.

“Our students need to be prepared for this online era we’re in.  The pluses and minuses or it,” said Senator Marko Liias, D-Edmonds. 

Read more and view a video here at King 5.

The recent sexual assault cases in the Seattle area on local teenagers and the role social media and technology is playing in them has prompted local news outlet King 5 to reach out to several AME members for their input and experiences:

AME member Claire Beach was interviewed on King 5 News concerning the recent sexual assault cases that highlight concerns of social media use among teens.  She mentions Action for Media Education.

“We need to talk about it.  People don’t like to talk about these things with kids, but we have to,” said Claire Beach.

See her interview and read more here at King 5.

AME President Michael Danielson and his freshman class at Seattle Preparatory School were also interviewed on the challenges and pitfalls of sharing images on a phone or other mobile device.

“It’s hard to keep up with, and literally every week there’s something new to talk about,” said Michael Danielson.

See the interview and read more here at King 5.

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