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Take Action! FCC votes to start rolling back landmark net neutrality rules

The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to begin undoing a key decision from the Obama era that could relax regulations on Internet providers, according to The Washington Post.

By a 2-1 vote led by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the agency proposed to roll back a 2015 decision that regulated Internet providers more heavily, using some of the same rules the agency applies to phone companies. The proposal also suggests repealing the so-called “general conduct” rule that allows the FCC to investigate business practices of Internet providers that it suspects may be anti-competitive. And finally, the proposal asks whether the agency should eliminate the most high-profile parts of the net neutrality rules: The rules banning the blocking and slowing of websites, as well as the rule forbidding ISPs from charging websites extra fees.

Democrats — concerned that the results could be much weaker than the current rules — are instead gearing up for a grass roots battle similar to the kind that defeated the House Republican health care plan.

“This fight is just starting,” said Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), in a statement. “The public now has the opportunity to stand up, be heard, and influence the outcome. It will take millions of people standing up … to say that the Internet needs to stay free and open.”

Here’s what you can do to join in and make sure we win this fight in support of net neutrality, as shared by The Nation:

1) Sign this petition and send a comment to the FCC through a campaign launched with the Free Press Action Fund,, and others.

2) Call your members of Congress and demand that they fight for net neutrality. We need everyone with any power on our side.

3) Join a strategy call on Tuesday, May 23, with Free Press Action Fund to learn about next steps.

3) Combat misinformation about net neutrality spread by Chairman Pai and the telecommunications industry. Our friends at Free Press released a report this week refuting Chairman Pai’s claim that the Title II rules that guarantee net neutrality “stifled broadband investment.” You can read it here, then share on Facebook and Twitter.

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