In Europe’s election season, tech vies to fight fake news

In the battle against fake news, Andreas Vlachos — a Greek computer scientist living in a northern English town — is on the front lines.

Armed with a decade of machine learning expertise, he is part of a British start-up that will soon release an automated fact-checking tool ahead of the country’s election in early June. He also is advising a global competition that pits computer wizards from the United States to China against each other to use artificial intelligence to combat fake news.

“I’m trying to channel my research into something that is useful for everyone who’s reading the news,” said Mr. Vlachos, who is also an academic at the University of Sheffield. “It’s a positive way of moving artificial intelligence forward while improving the political debate.”

As Europe readies for several elections this year after President Trump’s victory in the United States, Mr. Vlachos, 36, is one of a growing number of technology experts worldwide who are harnessing their skills to tackle misinformation online.

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Image courtesy of The New York Times.

Andreas Vlachos, a computer scientist at the University of Sheffield in England