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Tips from Teen Vogue: 5 Steps to Improve Your Media Literacy

Even the popular fashion youth magazine Teen Vogue has felt the need to educate its readers about how to improve their media literacy skills.

In between articles about fashion, entertainment and beauty, the magazine’s news and technology section recently featured a piece intended to help teens distinguish between what is real news and what can be considered “fake” news. The article begins:

Sure, most of us know that just because you read something on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true. And lately everyone is talking about fake news — hoaxes, propaganda, and flat-out lies that are intentionally meant to look like real news. Confusingly, President Donald Trump has been attempting to redefine the term to mean anything that is reported by the mainstream media with which he disagrees. Even satire, a worthwhile and thought-provoking writing genre, is often incorrectly lumped together with fake news or taken at face value and mistaken for news.

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Image courtesy of Teen Vogue.