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After the rise of ‘femvertising,’ is ‘oldvertising’ the next big thing?

Reebok’s new brand ambassador in China isn’t a taut young athlete, a muscular sports star or a dewy-cheeked model. It’s Wang Deshun, an 80-year-old grandfather who became an instant star after baring his super-ripped torso on the runway at Beijing Fashion Week in 2015.

Reebok’s official WeChat called Mr. Wang “the coolest grandpa” and noted that he had always reached for new experiences in life, such as learning English at age 44, starting fitness at 50 and showing off his abdominal muscles on a fashion runway at age 79. In a news release, the brand said his “example has helped reshape China’s views on aging and shown you’re never too old to pursue your goals.”

What’s more, Mr. Wang is not the first octogenarian to front a major sports brand’s campaign. Last year Nike centered an ad that ran during the Olympics on 86-year-old nun Sister Madonna Buder, who competes in Ironman races.

These are just two examples from a string of recent ads from all over the world in which the seniors have taken the spotlight. Meanwhile, the way brands target this age group is also changing.

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