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Great accomplishment passing Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy Bill ESSB 5449

Dear Friends of Action for Media Education,

The 2017 Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy Bill ESSB 5449 has passed both the Senate and the House. It’s now on its way to the Governor’s desk where it will soon be signed!  We want to thank you for all of your support in helping to make this possible.

Here is a link to the 2017 Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy Bill ESSB 5449.

Our state has truly become a model for others across the country. Right now media literacy groups in 20 states are trying to convince their legislative bodies to follow our lead.

AME members Linda Kennedy, Marilyn Cohen, Claire Beach and Barbara Johnson meet with Senator Marko Liias (center) in Olympia.

Net Neutrality Needs Our Help

There is much to celebrate; however it’s also a time to take action.  This month has already seen privacy protections online dealt a major blow. Now Net Neutrality may be on its way to the chopping block; this could change the way we are able to communicate online for generations to come.

Click here for more information about Net Neutrality

While Congress is on recess over the next few weeks, it’s time to flood the offices of our representatives with our calls and letters about this critical issue.  We urge you to join us in speaking out!

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Best wishes, Marilyn, Michael and the AME Board