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An interesting story about the man whose claim to fame was telling us about junk food

Holy_Chicken_Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock, the man whose “Super Size Me” helped shine a light on overeating at fast-food chains more than a decade ago, has a new job: owner of a fast-food restaurant. Yes, really. Mr. Spurlock, who famously ate massive McDonald’s meals over the course of his 2004 film, just opened Holy Chicken! to serve “fast food with integrity” such as crispy chicken sandwiches and sides such as crunchy green beans, in Columbus, Ohio. A representative said the restaurant served well over 500 people on Saturday’s grand opening day and sold out of food by 3 p.m. Along with raising its own chickens, the for now one-shop restaurant serves food that it says is “hormone free, antibiotic free, cage free, free range, farm raised, humanely raised and 100% natural!”

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