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Justin Bieber image compared to Renaissance paintings, classical art

While a somewhat irritating public figure, it appears that Justin Bieber has recently endeared himself to art aficionados and meme enthusiasts.

Maxim, Yahoo News and other sources cite a photo taken from his visit to a Houston nightclub as inciting multiple online art discussions, revolving around use of placement, perspective and action.

The articles and others compare the image to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

This Reddit thread provides several hilarious quotes about the image.

User sjalfurstaralfur says: Ahh, the classic Choking of Justinius by Bieberangelo Duechebagus c.1654. A masterpiece of genre painting. Bieberangelo captures a common tavern scene and juxtaposes it with an allegory to modern renaissance social culture.

User jeremycinnamonbutter: It’s more of a baroque piece as seen by the somber highlights and dark tones, definitely a piece by Donatello Jockus (D.J.) Al-Khalid, made in commission to Sir Monsieur Giacofetté Wap, c.1738

The image and ensuing comments are just another example of the “Accidental Renaissance” movement, spurred on by use of memes and photoshopped images compared to classical paintings, statues and artistic pieces.

View the images below for comparison, both courtesy of Maxim.

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