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New Washington State media literacy law plays key role in national movement

Crossposted from Media Literacy Now.

State Will Lead in Educational Best Practices & Research

Washington State’s new, progressive media literacy law provides leadership for a growing number of states advocating for digital citizenship and media literacy education. Washington’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is now empowered to develop best practices and recommendations for teaching literacy that encompasses both new media and new technologies.

“This launches a much-delayed conversation about education policy and the essential skills we need to be teaching our children today. We are one big step closer to creating an environment for comprehensive media literacy education – to include digital literacy and digital citizenship,” said Media Literacy Now President Erin McNeill. “Legislative momentum is surging in states across the country. Washington’s language, supporting schools to take action, will be a model for other states.”

Washington’s Action for Media Education collaborated with the national Media Literacy Now organization in shaping the legislation with Senator Marko Liias and guiding the bill through the legislative process.

“I’m encouraged that our children won’t become victims to mass media messages that tell them who they are and how they should be. With critical thinking skills in place they’ll be able to use media instead of being used by it,” said Action for Media Education head Claire Beach.